Prize Bond Schedule 2021

National Savings of Pakistan Announced Prize Bond Schedule 2021. Prize Bond Draw is announced on a Quarterly Basis. According to the Latest Prize Bond Schedule of 2021, they held multiple Cities of Pakistan. Every prize bond has different denominations.

Prize Bond Schedule List 2020

Number of Lucky Draw

According to Prize Bond Schedule 2021, Lucky Draw will be drawn in the month for 2 or A 4 times. This lucky draw open in the majority of the cities in All over Pakistan. Initially, they Usually 24 Draws Annually, but due to high Investment, Now they turned to 36 Per Year.

Prize Bond Draw Schedule 2021 is here.

Prize Bond PriceDateDraw #Drawn City
1500 Rs04 January 202185Muzaffar Abad
750 Rs15 January 202184Hyderabad
750 Rs1st February 202185Lahore
1500 Rs15 February 202185Quetta
100 Rs15 February 202133Karachi
40000 Rs Premium10 March 202116Rawalpindi
200 Rs15 March 202185Faisalabad
1500 Rs1 April 202186Hyderabad
750 Rs15 April 202185Quetta
750 Rs03 May 202186Rawalpindi
1500 Rs17 May 202186Karachi
100 Rs17 May 202134Multan
40000 Rs Premium bond10 June 202116Muzaffar Abad
200 Rs15 June 202185Peshawar
15000 Rs02 July 202186Quetta
750 Rs15 July 202185Lahore
7500 Rs2 August 202186Karachi
1500 Rs16 August 202186Multan
100 Rs16 August 202134Faisalabad
40000 Rs Premium10 September 202116Peshawar
200 Rs15 September 202185Muzaffar Abad
15000 Rs1st October 202186Karachi
750 Rs15 October 202185Rawalpindi
7500 Rs1st November 202185Multan
100 Rs15 November 202134Faisalabad
1500 Rs16 November 202186Quetta
40000 Rs Premium Bond10 December 202116Lahore
200 Rs15 December 202185Hyderabad


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