Lol Meaning in Urdu

Are You know about Lol Meaning in Urdu. Origin of Lol is an Abbreviation of laughing out loud or laugh out loud. You can find the correct meaning of Lol in Urdu on Saarinews. pk. People mostly asked What is LOL and also Urdu meanings of LOL. When you use Terms Meaning of LOL in Urdu and you dont need complete answer on diffrent website.

Lol Meaning in Urdu

Lol Meaning in Urdu

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There are always several words that come to the meaning in Urdu LOL Also Called Zor ki Hansi, What does LOL Stand for?, What is the Full Form LOL, What is the meaning of lolin Urdu?.

LOL is an abbreviation of “Laughing out loud”.

LOL Meaning in Chat

According to Some Online Internet Survey, 54% of Internet Users use the word Lol for laughing in Chat and email services. It is a significantly New Term Arise in the 1980s and become popular on Social Media Platform.

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What is The Meaning of LOL in Urdu

Most of People searching lol meaning in Urdu and dont find real answer. LOL is Abbreviation of Zor Ki Hansi.

What Is The Full Form of LOL?

Lol is an Acronyme of Laugh Out Loud. This word can be used As Interjection or Verb.

What Does LOL Stand For?

LOL Stand for Laugh Out Loud. You can use This Form in Chat when you are Chatting with your Friends.

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